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  1. Valuna Moderator 40wk 4d ago

    Forget it! It doesn't matter since I had entirely forgotten you weren't part of it.'s been so long my girls have started to deypriate in my mind and I am confusing myself about who and what! All I know is that you're still one of them...and..I love you ♥

    Ouch! Be sure not to burn yourself with darkness...or books! Yes, books hurt when they "burn" you! However, I wish you the best of luck. Hope you get a bit more active here when you're done. We could atlrast use your opinion or something! I know dat feel for just drop almost everyone instantly and do your best for your grades. No matter! People understand it pretty well and thou shall be forgiven xD

    You must be missing all the love of Spring weather and instantly jump to Summer. Then you'll be like "where has Spring gone? Its too hot!". Might I ask where you are going? Curiosity strikes me xD

    Ah...for me...quite a lot. Overal, I am doing great. Can you imaginr how much people can change in 2 years? I really feel so much better...ehehe. Doing better and better with some time passing. I had actually stopped studying for a while because I don't want to end up doing something I greatly regret, which I realized after starting one...didn't feel right. Aside from that, I got to straighten my mind as it big mess. Emotionally, physically and even my living situation. You know you can't focus or get anything done properly when there is too much of a big mess...if anything, it is exhausting. I'm pretty happy I got to move on in my mind from the past and all xD Will start studies again after this summer since I am pretty certain of things this time. It took a while, but I'm getting there

    Family life: it is alright. I had contacted my father for some time period (yeah, hadn't seen him in years). It all happened in a rush and I didn't get to judge things by myself so, aI was interested and willing to try and see how stuff would go with him. Guess the result! I stopped all contact in the end. Why? You just don't ask the only child you have, still wary put for dinner, let her wait for hours and then cancel it. He didn't even give a merry christmas or anything...all I got was a mass message on the phone. In other words, he is still the d-bag he has always been. It just doesn't make sense to me to be so distant. There are cards to send or even a phone number to call. It is not me that has to chase after him. Gave him a chance ane I gave myself a chance to close it. Now it's cool!

    Another matter would be my aunt and her family. They kind of screwed up badly by being bad trolls of some sort. No use for a family that doesn't even like you and just gives you more poopie.

    Oh...well..this is family and not. My uncle also passed away after he got to healing from lung cancer. His aorta popped and basically had no chance of survival. My mum's best friend, which helped her and her family a lot also passed away from...lots of complexions which started with kidney failure.

    Love life: All good, still happy with the only guy I have ever dated. I just tealized it's been 3 years already. Not living together yet. He is too busy with Uni and me...well, I ain't ready for it either, so it more like a casual date-thing. Guess my summer where! XD
    You know how weird it is that when you are finally more secure of your own things that people start liking you to the point of finding it strange? Perhaps because I am no longer a depressed teenager with literal mental issues (I could have swung to be a junky! But I chose not to).

    It's been so long since I have actually talked to you xD
    Sorry for the long message ; ;

  2. Valuna Moderator 41wk 2d ago

    Quote by kuryuki

    Quote by Valuna I always think Blue of you...somehow.

    why is Blue capitalized o_o I feel like I should be reading deep into this..but -brain cannot analyze-

    Oh mistake. I had forgotten you didn't have any part in it that time. were, but waa gone before you could be added xD
    Anyway, forget it. How are you doing these days? ^^;

  3. Valuna Moderator 41wk 2d ago

    Quote by kuryuki

    Quote by Valuna I always think Blue of you...somehow.

    why is Blue capitalized o_o I feel like I should be reading deep into this..but -brain cannot analyze-

    Oh mistake. I had forgotten you didn't have any part in it that time. were, but waa gone before you could be added xD
    Anyway, forget it. How are you doing these days? ^^;

  4. Valuna Moderator 42wk 6d ago

    I always think Blue of you...somehow.

  5. xRedPhoenix 47wk 5d ago

    Thanks for the fave on my latest wallpaper. ^__^

  6. orange-lisa 50wk 5d ago

    Quote by kuryuki This is really cute~! and you have some pretty awesome pencil crayon skills :P
    though I do feel like the piece overall is a tad light O: I'm not sure if this is because of scanner or what, but maybe try to outline their facial features with a slightly darker colours so that they stand out a bit more O: right now I think their facial features are being buried by the vibrance of their surroundings.

    Thanks for your comment and for the advice! On paper the colors are more defined, but you're right: next time I'll have to outline their faces, to make them stand out better..

  7. hayashinomura Jan 07, 2014

    Quote by kuryuki wha--it's already been 4 years since the previous one o_o time sure passes fast!
    >A> u sure improved a lot! the facial features are much more smooth and harmonic now..not sure what you mean by lack of details since both pieces has more details than I ever put into anything o_o

    I guess I do understand what valuna's saying up above, it feels like she's missing her left shoulder o; just by the way her back's bending it feels like we should be able to see that shoulder behind the neck.

    though it's regrettable that there isn't a detailed background, the emptiness makes perfect for a desktop wall xD

    Thank you Kuryuki-chan
    Yeah, way too FAST! it's like time just go WHOOOOSH~ and it's been already 4 years... I feel old *cough
    Yes, I mean that lack details on the BG... makes me crazy enough to think for the BG.. orz
    Valuna noted for all the twist thing too, so sorry for it but I will do my best again for next piece... please keep watching me :)

  8. Alenas Retired Moderator Dec 23, 2013

  9. pandemonium91 Moderator Nov 26, 2013

    Quote by kuryuki psssst
    how does the bonus for tagging contest work?
    is that just like completing another tag/image on the list?

    Yup! It's just that you don't have to guess it (the bonus) to pass the round, you just do it if you want extra points c:

  10. Hirata Nov 19, 2013

    Quote by kuryuki No one ever said you have to be good at something to like it! but TBH you did a pretty good job with this vector anyways!
    *key to vectoring: start big and resize it down to ...hide stuff*
    I would certainly like too see more vector or I guess experiments from you in the future ouo~ perhaps at larger resolutions too for greater usability and ease of viewing~

    Thanks! *blush*
    I know experience is the best teacher but photosop is still a mystery to me. There are many good tutorials on the net and I always learn something new. I'm glad that you think I'm doing well. Thanks for the comment!

  11. fireflywishes Retired Moderator Nov 14, 2013

    Quote by missradio1999
    Thank you very much, Kuriyuki-san... I've just finished my (anti) epic fight with some homeworks and just seen your comment. Did you like the drawings? Feel free to... fix it, or, ... how do you guys say it? ... vector? Thanks for the comments! :3

    This user reported instead of quoted. :)

  12. Nakamura02 Nov 13, 2013

    Thank you very much for the comment^^
    Yes, I realize that I tend to forget to put the link in my descriptions. Sorry about that '
    Also, couples are not my specialty, these are just the first ones that I decided to put up as my first post on this site.
    As I said before, thank you for the comment and I accept your critisism :) It's simply a way to get better ^^
    I saw your gallery by the way and it is very nice and excellent drawings :D